Refresh stripped for business-Business Stripped Bare Quotes by Richard Branson

Annulable en tout temps. In Business Stripped Bare , Sir Richard Branson shares the inside track on his life in business and reveals the incredible truth about his most risky, brilliant, and audacious deals. What qualities does Richard look for in the people he hires? How does he manage a crisis? Who are the entrepreneurs he most admires?

Refresh stripped for business

Refresh stripped for business

Refresh stripped for business

I'm confident and hope it will reach out and have a similar affect on you! Another great Refrezh book. Basically, the website was great but like all things it Brazen bikinis a refresh and not all things can last forever. With this work, Branson attempted to provide his own insights on the Virgin collective and what makes it successful. Paperback Refresh stripped for business of stock. This book felt like some pages of Branson reminding you his business succeeded. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Rerresh is currently in development and should be available in the next few months. What works once may never work again. Andy

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Hi again. From the initial concepts, and the many many changes they had, right through to the development stage. Fundamentally, dealing with the harshest critics of all, myself and my new colleagues. Needless to say, you may have noticed a few changes around here. The previous design was fit for purpose but was very text-heavy. The imagery was missing from the home page. It also felt a little confused as more sections were added to the website. Basically, the website was great but like all things it needed a refresh and not all things can last forever.

When designing the new website I wanted to put more focus on the web design services and highlight our portfolio. The current website homepage did not feature the services or the portfolio apart from the navigation. I wanted to add much more imagery and make the website more dynamic. This is our main point of sale with clients so It needed to sell who we are in an instant. First things first, Research. The websites that stood out the most were the sites with the most simple navigation.

Getting anywhere in less than 3 clicks. This is the same rule that I would apply to any website I was designing for. Our brand would be reflected in the website and would follow that of our style guide. One single voice to carry through all of our marketing. Friendly, Corporate, and Approachable. It may read like a tinder profile but we believe in our message. Like any designer worth their weight, I began sketching a few ideas including ideas for iconography.

Through the research, I found bespoke icons were a great way to push our companies message. Once I had the outline for the website, including the sitemap, I began creating concepts within in Adobe XD. This is our go-to tool for all website concepts. It has streamlined the process of creating designs and sharing them with my colleagues, it was great for receiving comments and feedback from my fellow Wibblers, whether solicited or not.

This stage was the most lengthy. As with any design, it can go through a few changes before a client has signed off usually 3 , but as this was for ourselves we all wanted the best, so naturally, a few extra changes occurred. I was hesitant to stray too far, but after much debate, the concepts evolved and developed into something special. As previously stated, it is extremely difficult designing for yourself.

You truly are your own worse critic. Nevertheless, we persevered and what we got at the end is a website that we can be proud of. This was solved by the new hero header on the homepage. Each reload of the page would feature a different web design project to highlight our previous work which we should be pushing and show some pride. This balanced the large headings and new buttons really showed a refreshing new feel to Wibble.

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This is currently in development and should be available in the next few months. Want to learn about our brand refresh? Read the We Are Wibble. The previous website Okay. Concept Version 1: Update to the original website but not enough of a leap in design Concept Version 2: More of a change but still not quite there. Stripped the website of clutter. Streamlined the homepage and services. Introduction of bespoke icons. Pushing our services Sales are important so the services are now directly below the fold.

Future Updates Future updates to wearewibble.

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Refresh stripped for business

Refresh stripped for business

Refresh stripped for business

Refresh stripped for business

Refresh stripped for business. Footer Resource links

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Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur by Richard Branson

ISBN: EAN Language: English. Pages: 0. Dimensions: 1. Weight: 1. Format: Compact Disc. Publisher: Bolinda Audio. Paperback Out of stock remove remove. MP3 CD Out of stock remove remove. Compact Disc Out of stock remove remove.

Product is currently Out of Stock. You can add it to your wishlist and you will be notified once we receive a copy. In his trademark charismatic and honest style, Richard Branson shares the inside track on some of his greatest achievements over 40 years in business as well as the lessons he has learned from his setbacks.

In Business Stripped Bare he discusses why he took on one of the world's biggest superbrands, how he built Virgin Mobile USA into the fastest growing company in history to reach a billion dollars in revenue, faster than Microsoft, Google, or Amazon.

Richard tells the story behind the launch of Virgin America, his new airline in the USA, how Virgin Galactic is set to initiate a new era of space tourism from a spaceport deep in the Mojave desert, and what he has learned about business from a diverse group of leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Jack Welch, Herb Kelleher, Steve Jobs, and the founders of Google.

He also shares his thoughts on the changing face of the global economy and how businesses worldwide need to work together to tackle environmental challenges and invest in the future of our world. Combining invaluable advice with remarkable and candid inside stories, Business Stripped Bare is a dynamic, inspirational, and truly original guide to success in business and in life.

Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur or just starting out in the business world, Richard strips down business to show how you can succeed and make a difference. Other business books you might enjoy. Elon Musk: Tesla, Spacex, and the Quest for a Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. Ron Chernow. Liar's Poker Michael Lewis. Satya Nadella. Out of Stock. Scott Adams.

Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson. Paperback Out of stock. MP3 CD Out of stock. Compact Disc Out of stock.

Refresh stripped for business