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Couples are always seeking new, dirtiest ways to widen their horizon in the bedroom, especially if they have been together for quite some time. We all need a little inspiration if things in the bedroom have become a routine. You may find the thrill of having sex with your partner is gone. This can ruin your relationship even if you love each other. It is normal for men to try new exciting things in bed.

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

What Exactly Is a Seex Coach? Simple statements like "harder" or "more" can be all that's needed to do the trick. Or three: Sex is all they really have together. Walk Down Memory Lane. I believe you can have a close marriage and recapture a good sex life but only once you admit that reigniting romance takes creativity and a commitment of time and energy. It is a wonderful way to reconnect and recommit to each other. However, having to wait until you get to the bedroom can make fod fun disappear.

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Return to Book Page. Regularly communicate to him which of these are important to you and affirm him when he makes progress. You married someone and assumed everything would kind of just work out. Sex ideas for husbands and wives simply pop several exotic microbrews in the sack, then drink them to welcome the fun. Ror Can you make your wife fall in Koloa mens erotic underwear again? First Name:. Apr 05, Marie rated it it was amazing. Your husband wants that as well when he is about to climax. Enjoyment and making babies brings God praise. If you know he or she likes spanking, go for it. I just thought of this this morning. Lisa July 18, at am. I would think the sacrificial act of oral like your wife did for you was tried.

Whether this book was genuinely written in or not really doesn't matter.

  • Sex in marriage is a wonderful gift to be nurtured and enjoyed.
  • Sex is awesome; nevertheless, not all sex is equally awesome.
  • When it comes to sex tips for married couples, a few simple, sexy tricks can light a fire under your sex life.

It's the little things, isn't it? Try all of these hot ideas for a married-sex makeover , or grab just one of the moves for a wow-that-was-amazing night. They require almost no effort on your part and they'll strengthen your bond outside of the bedroom, too. Sharing a flirty smile with the hottie at the coffee shop can give you a confidence boost.

Cast aside your pajamas tonight and let nothing come between you and your sheets. Laying your skin against the linens is a sensory experience that will make you feel more connected to your body.

Taking sexy photos is a visual reminder — to you and your guy — of your sensuality. Keep it covered with a cami and boy shorts, or strip down to your birthday suit.

No, we're not talking about lingerie. The idea isn't to make him feel excited, but to make you feel excited, confident, and super sexy, so pick something that you know you look good in — that could mean a pretty new dress, or huge, movie star sunglasses. That confidence will go all the way to the bedroom. Hit up a sex toy shop online or in person , like Babeland and Lovehoney. Do it alone, or together — even if you end up not buying anything, the act of looking will help inspire conversations around what you both want in the bedroom.

That said, if you are determined to walk away with a new toy, we have a few suggestions …. Book a mani, pedi, bikini wax if you so desire — or maybe even a blowout— you know, the works. By setting aside time to take care of yourself, you're taking ownership of your sexuality.

And most importantly, you'll feel good. Yes, that means masturbating. Getting to know your own body is crucial to knowing what will make you feel good in bed when you're with your partner. Yes — sex. But not just any type of sex. Put on the calendar exactly what you'll be doing tonight, or tomorrow, or later in the week — will it involve role-playing? A new location? There's so much to choose from, and you'll both have so much to look forward to.

Find a brand-new, grown-up crush hello, George Clooney! Share a secret sex fantasy with your partner — and describe to him what would happen in detail. And if you're looking better, you'll be more primed for sex. Wearing his T-shirt to bed when he's on a business trip, or taking a shower with his soap, can make you feel closer and more attracted to him.

Draw two figures on separate pieces of paper, and then, without looking at each other's papers, mark the areas on the body where you think your mate likes to be touched. Now compare notes.

Tonight, do something a little different: Have him sit in a chair and enter you while you're facing away from him. Begin with something simple, like, "I'm thinking about you. Revive the romance you shared on a recent trip by incorporating a special element from it — such as the margaritas you had in Mexico — into your evening.

Or just book a trip to somewhere new! Feeling shy? Simple statements like "harder" or "more" can be all that's needed to do the trick. Get rid of the piles of paper, laundry in the corner, and kids' toys and make your boudoir an adults-only escape. Pick up a book of erotica and take turns reading passages out loud to each other. You can find erotica at literotica. Watch your wedding video or read letters you wrote to each other when you first started dating.

It will remind you both why you're a couple in the first place and get you excited about making new memories together. Don't wait for a holiday to show your man you care.

Even if the gift is not overly romantic, letting your guy know he's on your mind can give him a confidence boost that may carry over to the bedroom. Post a few flirty messages on your husband's Facebook timeline without being annoying — just something sweet.

Complimenting each other in a public forum will heighten the buildup for when you see each other in person at the end of the day. Take a dance class or see an improv comedy show together. When you take your relationship off auto-pilot, you create excitement and romance. Re-create the evening with the same itinerary, including the awkward kiss at the doorstep.

Following the same schedule — eating at the same restaurant or seeing the same movie — will give you a chance to reflect on how far you've come as a couple. Doing it in a room usually devoted to paying bills or doing laundry can make you feel deliciously naughty. Play mini golf or challenge each other to a game of Rock Band. Engaging in some friendly competition will get your adrenaline going.

Raise the stakes by offering some X-rated rewards to the winner. Go online. So boot up your laptop! Bring yourself back to that state of nervous anticipation, Kerner suggests. Don't go past second base and you'll find yourself wanting more. Or go ahead and unleash your passion. Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Flirt With Someone Else! Sleep In the Buff. Strike a Pose. Go Toy Shopping. Pamper Yourself.

Pencil It In. Develop a Crush. Reveal a Fantasy. Go On a Double Date. Get Closer to His Skin. Body-Map Each Other. Try a New Position. Start Sexting. Get Away from It All. Talk Dirty to Each Other.

Redo Your Bedroom. Read Something Sexy. Walk Down Memory Lane. Give a Gift for No Reason. Flirt on Social Media. Try Something New Together. Go On Your First Date. Change Venues. Get Competitive. Watch Some Porn. Try Some PDA.

Make Out Like Teenagers. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Sex Ideas.

Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice Good luck. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. On a Saturday or Sunday we get it, the week is busy , designate a full 30 minutes solely to foreplay. It can be just as amazing as it once was; you just have to decide to work on it. Other editions. As I read all the good sex life that all of you are having I wish that I could have.

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives. See a Problem?

Nothing is sexier than your partner showing total interest in your pleasure. Sex toys up the ante on pleasure. They are non-scary, fun add-ons to your already wonderful sex life. Take mental notes whenever you partner mentions a fantasy he or she has. Does he want to play the handy man who arrives to fix your pipes? Is she a police officer here to investigate a noise complaint? You can easily make a costume from things lying around your house.

Half of fantasy is the imagination. This role play surprise will not only turn your partner on, but will make him or her feel appreciated since you really listened. Spanking is dipping your toes into kink without taking the full plunge. Make sure your partner is into spanking before you go buckwild. Some people enjoy it while others do not, and surprising someone during sex can get weird If you know he or she likes spanking, go for it. It sends shockwaves through the whole sexual encounter.

Start light and build up to more aggressive strokes. In the same vein as spanking, try using a tee shirt or sleep mask as a blindfold. Lie your partner down, cover his or her eyes and take some time to explore their body. The visual deprivation can be a huge turn on and can heighten your other senses. Sex is a vulnerable position to be in. Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in NYC. Send a few raunchy texts. Wait for your partner naked. If you can develop the practice of giving your husband regular doses of skillful oral sex, he will be thrilled to the core.

If you can train him to give you slow and deliberate oral sex when you are in the mood, you will be th! Buy a book or booklet on marriage , sex and sexual technique on occasion.

One way to show your husband you are focusing on the one thing that looms largest in his mind regarding marriage is to buy books on sex occasionally. Make your marriage truly your number one priority, apart from your relationship to God.

Christian couples often get lazy about developing their marriage relationship. Over time, other pursuits become more important, even godly ones. Therefore you must be proactive in working at your marriage and sex life. Each person is responsible for loving their spouse and building their marriage regardless how active the other person is. For women this means preparing yourself mentally and physically for regular sexual union.

Carve out t! Drop activities and responsibilities, even spiritual ones, if necessary. For sex, this means allowing for three types of sex. Remember, you reap what you sow. This works both ways. In a perfect marriage, a husband and wife take equal steps toward each other to meet each others needs. The more he feels loved sexually, the more he opens up to meet the affectionate, romantic, and communication needs of his wife.

If you sow regular doses of! He has a vision to see Christian marriages flourish. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice Romance writes: Should you stay in your marriage? My Spouse has Borderline Personality Disorder! Dear Dr. Romance: Can you make your wife fall in love again?

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20 Simple Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

So — we started asking them what we wanted to know. When we talked with our readers after that post aired, the 1 thing they said they wanted to hear more about was what husbands had to say about S-E-X. So we got to WORK. The results were amazing. Yes, of course — we preach communicating effectively with your spouse. He just wants you to be happy with who you are and all that you do. Take this survey. They opened up.

They let stuff off of their chest. Just by looking at the results, we feel pretty confident saying that your husband, more than anything, just loves having sex with you. When the results started pouring in, though, we realized that all of the responses were fairly consistent. In fact, we can honestly say that we had basically 5 answers that repeated themselves over and over again.

So these words are gold, people. We are seriously blown away with the responses that we received and want to share them all with you! Wives Knew About Sex. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Be confident. Stop obsessing about the way you look. Are you ready for the TOP answer?! Be spontaneous and initiate. I really hope this post has given you some desire to make the most of your love life together. Personally, seeing all of the responses and compiling them all has really helped me see that sex means sooo much more than I realize.

I hope yours has, too! We have a ton of other fantastic, free ideas here at The Divas, and you can see our complete list of bedroom games here. We also have a spicy gift guide to keep things exciting! The first time my husband saw me, I had whipped cream all over my face, and chocolate smothered all over my chef whites.

He asked me out right then and there, and he didn't even know my name! Five beautiful years, two incredible kids, four teensy apartments, and a darling home later I am a true lover of travel, music, vintage fashion, classic literature, teaching, my faith, and midnight baking.

We LOVE hearing from our readers! Thanks for leaving us some love! If you want a picture to show up next to your comments, get set up with a gravatar! I just wanted to say thank you for writing this. I asked my husband to answer the survey and he declined but I can imagine his answers were much the same. I hope.

I just want to say this was good. However, I think there is one thing MEN need to keep in mind. And yet, in my experience, the opposite is true. If they want us to want it, they need to be in the mood too, not just when they want it. Every relationship is different, and everyone has different backgrounds, especially with something as complicated as sex. Hopefully with further study and education, we can bust the myth!

In my marriage I have a higher stamina then my husband. He does try, but it can be frustrating for me too.

Taina, I am so sorry you feel that way! I would suggest counseling. I know that sounds a bit serious, but a professional will be able to understand and help you best as a couple. In the mean time, you can try some of our bedroom games; they are really creative and so fun! This was a reality check for me. This is regarding my style and, body figure. But over all this article has been so helpful. Please keep me updated on what is to come.

I have lost pounds. Well now I have so much extra saggy skin. Because of this and my horrible childhood I have low self-esteem. My husband is always grabbing my rear and my breasts. He holds my hand and kisses me in public. He also is very affectionate at home. I just want to know if you think that he still thinks that I am beautiful or sexy just from his actions.

Because I feel that he will look at my body even closer and see what I see in the mirror every day. Carla, I am so sorry that you are struggling with your body image like so many of us women!

Just know you are not alone. It may be his love language and verbally expressing it is not. Typing this out I realize I should probably send him a text. I hope that eases your mind and you love the amazing body you have.

Thank you so much. That does ease my mind. We have been married almost 26 years. And I have been blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I truly thank God every day for putting this man in my life. Thank you again! I feel soooo much better. And the reasons for that just might surprise you. Here they are, in descending order: Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The sexiest thing is confidence.

You are my wife. I will love you and I find you sexy no matter what, so be confident in yourself. Nothing turns me on more. I want her to be more adventurous in the bedroom, to leave her inhibitions at the door. These truth or dare sticks should help with being adventurous Be uninhibited. Explore more.

Just be confident, and make an effort to be enticing. Her confidence and desire for me is a huge turn on! To me, the set up is the most important. Flirting on the phone, high heels, and the attitude is what makes it good. Anticipation is everything! I love seeing her confidence and desire for me. Sex is better for me when I know she is enjoying it. It makes it so much better when the both of us can have some fun! Sex is way more fun when we both enjoy it.

I do not want to just be serviced because she thinks its a duty. Be open to try new things. I like it when she can explain what she likes, and what feels good for her. I want her to be just as into sex as I am. Let yourself enjoy it. I wish my wife knew that her weight, her outfit, her hair, her nails are so irrelevant to me when we are being intimate. I am so in love with her. All I want is for her to want to be there with me.

I wish my wife KNEW that she is so much sexier and beautiful to me than she gives herself credit for. Even though I tell her, she still criticizes herself.

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives

Sex ideas for husbands and wives