Forced to wear messy diapers-Diapers and Discipline in Daily Life

My legs were chafing from my pee-soaked panties, and the feeling of walking around in a pink dress with a brown stain on the back was driving me mad. I had seen the pink door from down the hallway earlier and thought it was a bit strange. The first thing that hit me was the nauseating amount of bright pink covering every possible surface, just like in my bedroom. Then, I noticed there were stacks and stacks of what I recognized to be disposable diapers of every size and variety piled from floor to ceiling. A closer look also revealed that there were countless cloth diapers, plastic pants, onesies, and all sorts of other babyish accessories, also in a wide varieties of sizes, stacked along with the diapers.

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

She affectionately stroked my hair and I giggled. Sometimes every few months or multiple times a week. Do the other boys tease you about your tiny peepee? Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Sweet Dreams Cure pornography lyrics mind swirled with emotions as I lay in bed. After clearing off the table, mom slipped on her bikini and went swimming with the girls. Dekka 2. The rides at this new amusement park are so scary that you're guaranteed to wet your diaper during each ride. She then buckled another Forced to wear messy diapers across my chest. I began taking extra clothes to work just in case and lived in fear of a "big one at work" I couldn't hide.

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Draw and above text by chuckybb. Finally my sister came back to Daddies gay hotel but with a lot of bags in her arms. Fresh Porn Clips I asked my sister to pull over at the nearest gas station and she eventually did. To choose your username either log in or sign up. Looks like someone have been a very good girl here making a big mess in here diaper : Visited times, 4 visits today. I thought about it through the first lecture class as I sat all alone in the top corner of the class. Daddy opens the front door and lets Julie inside and follows right behind her, leaving you in a doggy-style position on the front step of his house. She asked me what my problem was, Forced to wear messy diapers I looked Forced to wear messy diapers seeing the white padded plastic protruding form my crotch. Draw and everything by Charry. Three tapes on each side imprisoned me in my own wet and eventually my own mess, but if I had anything to do with it, it would be anytime soon! I have no choice but to say this. I knew this wasn't going to be good! A mechanical hand snatched the empty bottle from her grip, and Ashley sagged into the seat of the baby bouncer, trying to get comfortable.

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Add to Read List. Beginning at the age of nine, my mother started diapering me whenever I was naughty. I didn't like it at first, but by the time I was years old, I started to enjoy my diaper punishment. I especially remember one summer day when my best friend and I spent most of the day together in diapers. It all began when my mother yelled at me. I knew my butt was in serious trouble when mom called me by my first and last names.

I grabbed my swimming trunks from the side of our backyard pool and slipped them on underwater. Then I scrambled out of the pool, quickly dried off and dashed inside. Julie was my annoying 9-year old sister. Mom crossed her arms and glared at me. Not so long ago, her menacing stare might have intimidated me into a tearful confession. I'm years old now, so I'm wise to her "stare and scare" tactic. I kept my mouth shut. Why confess to something until I knew how much she had actually seen?

Don't even try denying it! I've told you before not to swim like that. You're not a little boy anymore. Besides, we've got a fence around the backyard. Nobody could see me.

Why can't I swim naked when nobody is around? The constitution says I can. It says 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Mom swatted my seat, overriding my constitutional argument. Why bother learning about the constitution in school if you can't use that knowledge at home?

You're in diaper detention until bedtime. When I'm naughty, mom makes me wear a diaper for my punishment. She calls it diaper detention. Once I'm in my diaper, I'm not allowed to wear anything else. No shirt. No shorts. I'm also not allowed to use the toilet. Instead, I have to go potty in my diaper like a toddler.

I get diaper changes like a toddler, too. I don't mind being treated like a toddler. I wouldn't want to wear a diaper every day, but once in a while, it's kind of fun to romp around the house in only my diaper. I'm sure your sister will enjoy your little striptease show. My face blazed with shame as I slowly pulled down my trunks. My wiener bounced into view, causing Julie to get a case of the giggles.

Swimming naked is fun. Stripping naked in front of mom and my giggly sister is red-faced embarrassing. My face got redder when mom put her hand on my bare bottom—I could feel her middle finger in my butt crack—and guided me down the hallway towards her bedroom. My sister Julie tagged along, giggling at the sight of my wiener bouncing around like a conductor's baton. She's always been allowed to watch me get diapered.

She squeezed my butt cheeks a couple of times. Twice this summer, mom has ripped off my diaper and spanked my bare butt like a little boy.

I got 11 spanks each time, one spank for every year old I am. I only get bare-bottom spankings if I misbehave while I'm in diaper detention. I hesitated briefly. Mom swatted my bare behind, reminding me to instantly obey her. Rubbing my butt, I marched over to the bed and lay on my back.

Within seconds, my wiener got stiff. You try lying naked on a bed with your mother and sister staring at you. Your wiener will get stiff, too. Anyway, it was pointing straight up like a giant finger and I couldn't make it go down.

Julie was quick to notice my predicament. Greg is saluting me again. I'm giving mom the finger because she swatted my butt. Mom chuckled and for a few seconds, I was afraid she might cancel my diaper punishment. That fear quickly faded when she opened the bottom dresser drawer—my baby drawer—and fished out disposable diaper.

Mom keeps my diapers in her room so my friends won't see them when I have sleepovers. My diapers are actually youth diapers, but mom and Julie call them baby diapers. They look like baby diapers, too. Each diaper has colorful designs on the front panel. They're fun to wear. I quickly lifted my legs up and over my head, giving mom and Julie a bird's-eye view of my private parts. My face burned with shame. I like wearing a diaper, but I hate surrendering my dignity in front of my little sister.

Mom slid the diaper under my butt. After I lowered my legs and spread them apart, she pulled the diaper through my legs and snugly over my wiener. She finished by fastening my diaper tapes. There are two tapes on each side. In less than a minute, I was transformed from a naked boy into a diapered baby.

After I stood up, I could feel the thick diaper padding between my legs and rubbing against my wiener. What a great feeling! I looked down and smiled slightly when I saw the colorful designs on the front panel. Those designs made me feel so babyish.

When I saw the yellow wetness stripes, I couldn't wait to wet my diaper like a baby and turn those pee stripes blue. She patted my diapered bottom. You don't know how stupid you looked yesterday in panty detention. Julie's face turned bright red. When she's naughty, mom makes her strip down to her panties. Then she has to do panty detention.

Julie hate parading around the house wearing only her panties. She hates being topless, too. I don't know why. There's nothing up there to see yet. Behave yourself in here or I'll take off your diaper and spank your bare fanny!

I was surprised when mom ordered me to stay in her room. Normally, I have to be in the same room as either mom or Julie at all times. I'm treated pretty much like a toddler who needs to be constantly watched. I went over to mom's closet door mirror. My white diaper stood out in stunning contrast to my suntanned body.

I felt silly seeing myself in a diaper, but at the same time, I found my reflection cute. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Brown hair.

Blue eyes. Tan skin. White diaper with colorful designs on it. If that's not cute, what is?

Yes mother, I am sorry. I can't stay mad at you for to long! Good thing here nice friend Bunny is there to show you the way : And even the pacifier to help you when you starting to making to match fuzzing about : Visited times, 13 visits today. X Dump TV Finally, a cramp bit into her side that was so powerful it forced her to double over, the baby bouncer bobbing and twisting in response to the movement. I had lost my job and was kicked out of my apartment for not paying rent three months in a row.

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers. Tina in Diapers - RM


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Well, in case of family visits or for job-related reasons single-colored onesies are a good solution. They keep the waistband from showing and also keep the diaper from sagging once it is wet. Alternatively, a longer shirt tucked into a pair of jeans could be worn. Maybe her biggest concern is the feeling of being wet, but mine would be leaking.

I wet so often, I hardly ever stay dry for more than 15 minutes. Leaking is actually something that should not occur too often. I mean, what good has a diaper if you still have to clean the couch, chairs or wet clothing regularly?! Combine all three of them and you are on the safe side. Diapers are there to be used and they can hold more when they are used in several smaller amounts.

And since they also cost some money Miss Potty-Pants can be expected to use them thoroughly. Source: diaperconnoisseur. I personally prefer the first scenario because you can see a steady progress in her mind and attitude. She loves her skimpy underwear, her tight jeans and her jeans shorts for summer time.

Suddenly, some form of nighttime protection is very welcome, although still considered as a shameful item. She spends more and more time in them and they slowly become a source of security and comfort for her.

You can notice her first and voluntary adjustments concerning her wardrobe: She still likes her style of tight fitting clothing, but starts to buy her trousers with one size up at the waist so her diapers fit comfortably. This also proves that she has come to terms with the fact that she will wear her diapers definitely for quite some time.

Over time, her diapers become more and more normal to her: her first orgasm in a wet diaper, switching to diapers with cute prints and the more they become just an everyday part of her life, the more her bladder control fades away reinforcing her dependence on diapers. I started a new series on the benefits of wearing diapers today! There are several new posts online and you can stay tuned for more!

Anonymous asked: What should I do when she has a doctors appointment should I make her wear her diaper to that. Chapeau, my friend! This is definitely a difficult question. But something tells me you are asking specifically for doctor appointments where undressing is at least expected.

Here, my answer depends on what you both agreed to when you started to introduce her to diapers. If she is interested in coming out of her comfort zone or you chose the hard way and even threw out all of her panties, than yes, put her in diapers for her appointment. Just say that diapers are her preferred kind of underwear. That should be enough, wearing diapers is legal. Sure, the physician might have his own thoughts about that, but ultimately, so what?!

If she is simply not comfortable to wear at a doctors appointment, then you could offer her at least some substitutes, for example pull ups that look like normal underwear. There is one exception, though. If leaking starts to happen more frequently, I see three potential solutions to this problem: 1. A thicker diaper on a regular basis or 2. Follow me on Wordpress! Take care and enjoy! Anonymous asked: Are you still looking for a baby girl?

Anonymous asked: What should I do when she has a doctors appointment should I make her wear her diaper to that Chapeau, my friend!

Forced to wear messy diapers

Forced to wear messy diapers