Breast reduction suregery recovery stories-What It's Really Like to Get Breast-Reduction Surgery

Yes, it was life-changing. But there's a lot that no one tells you about the surgery, recovery, and all those mental highs and lows. When I graduated from high school, I made the biggest decision of my life: I was going to get a breast reduction. I was 18 and had only just entered adulthood, and reluctant to go under the knife for such a serious surgery-but I felt like I just couldn't put it off any longer without sacrificing both my mental and physical well-being. At a petite 5 feet 3 inches tall, I had come to hate my 32G bust size.

Breast reduction suregery recovery stories

Breast reduction suregery recovery stories

Breast reduction suregery recovery stories

Breast reduction suregery recovery stories

Xtories don't have recovedy worry about cleavage spilling out at inappropriate times, or the stress from finding shirts that actually Breast reduction suregery recovery stories over my chest. Yep-showering is quite the procedure since you Free xxx swallow clips get your chest wet. One area when I did feel confident, though, was dating. I also learned to sleep on my back to avoid discomfort, which brings me to My nipples were reduced from the size of a half-dollar to a bit smaller than a quarter, and I love the way they look. The first time I did the laundry after having surgery, Sureegry was angry to learn that my back still hurt when doing it. For a while, I was defeated and gave up hope on surgery. Truthfully, I was more scared Breast reduction suregery recovery stories the emotional recovery, which was as hard as I expected.

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The compression qualities of this garment hold the breast in proper alignment and allow the tissue to conform Asian massage master the desired contours. Share on Facebook. While the underwire may never be rexuction for support, many women will eventually wear them selectively or Breast reduction suregery recovery stories occasion for the style. Below you will find information about what to expect after breast reduction surgery, including information about scars and estimates for recovery time. There may be slight nausea which is a common side effect of anesthetic medication given during surgical procedures. Feeling sore and tender after surgery is rfcovery for the first few days. For some reckvery, especially those who smoke, breast reduction scars may become wider over time. The stretchy, supportive garment controls swelling and bruising by supporting tender breast tissue. A breast reduction removes excess breast tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and alleviate discomfort. Patients should carefully follow all post-op instructions from their doctors to minimize discomfort Breast reduction suregery recovery stories speed up the healing process. Immediately after surgery, your incision lines will likely New cunt to be far more prominent than they will become later on. After about 6 weeks - 3 months, depending on your surgeon, you can wear underwire bras again. There are some exercises you may be able to do however almost immediately, for instance, exercise on a stationary bicycle. Visit the DocShop gallery to view more breast reduction before and after photos. Both Papay and Applebaum say reductjon can exercise on a limited basis stries 2 weeks, and can expect a full recovery after 3 or 4 weeks.

The unsung hero of plastics, breast reduction surgery , is a relatively quick operation that can be totally transformative — especially if you don't remember a time when you didn't have huge breasts.

  • Many women choose breast reduction surgery as an alternative to living a life filled with medical complications other frustrations that can come when breasts are too large.
  • Following any type of surgery, there is a recovery process that will allow you to heal and return to normal.
  • While the two women are separated by a dozen states and 5 decades, they share a common bond: Both have undergone breast reduction surgery.
  • Breast reduction, though a very common and safe procedure, is a major surgery that entails some recovery time.
  • It has been 2.
  • A breast reduction removes excess breast tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and alleviate discomfort.

I spent years trying to find clothes that made them LESS apparent. Losing weight helped, but not enough. After 20 years of hating my body, I decided to take a step toward doing something about it by talking to my doctor. We chatted about why I wanted surgery and what I expected the outcomes might be.

She asked my bra size and took down my weight and height. Then she sent in a referral to a plastic surgeon in town. Then came the hardest part of the entire journey: the wait. On the day of my consultation, I drove across town, unsure of what to expect. I was asked to undress from the waist up and put on a short paper gown open to the front. My surgeon was training a medical student who accompanied him into the room. He used his hands to manipulate my breasts into the size and shape they might be after the surgery by hiding much of them beneath his hands.

While he was squeezing and shaping, he was chatting non-stop with his student. I learned that I was lucky that my breast tissue was still full and dense enough to make for a pleasant breast shape after surgery. Having another person in the room was weird yet educational for me, since I got to listen to all his explanations for her. While we discussed everything at the consultation, my decision on size would not be finalized until the day of my surgery, which would be nine months in the future.

The day of my surgery finally arrived. I called the day before to find out exactly what time I needed to be there to check in. My surgeon requires all his breast reduction patients stay in the hospital overnight.

Not all surgeons require this, but I was happy that mine did. The idea of having major surgery and then going home the same day scared the hell out of me.

I was a ball of nerves and a mess of what-ifs. Once we arrived at the hospital, I was ensconced in a super-stylish hospital gown and told to wait. My husband sat and waited with me so he could help keep my anxiety at bay. The next thing I knew, they were ready for me. My surgeon and a different medical student came to talk to me in pre-op. We repeated the sizing exercise he did at his office.

This time, once we agreed on a size that made me happy because I asked for smaller than he suggested at first , he marked on my breasts with a permanent marker to show where incisions should be and the placement of my nipple after the surgery. I must admit that this part of the process felt ridiculous.

He even had a nipple placement template! Next, they wheeled me into the operating room. Everyone who was needed for the surgery had to be present and talk to me before I could be put under. This took a few minutes, as one would leave to find another, only to then have to wait on them to come back.

Finally, everyone was ready, and they started the anesthesia. Throughout my life, I have suffered from low blood pressure. Little did I know that this can make you quite sick when you go under anesthesia. I thanked my lucky stars that my primary care physician referred me to a surgeon who required me to stay in the hospital over night because I was so very sick.

Thankfully, it was short lived and by the next morning I felt much, much better. I was ready to go home right after they removed my drains. Within the week, I stopped taking the pain medication I was given post-surgery. My scars faded from angry red to flat and pink within a couple of weeks. I returned to my surgeon for a check up and was given a clean bill of health.

No one told me I could! Truthfully, my breasts were a bit weird at first. They were super high up and pointed straight out. That was due to the swelling. As the weeks progressed, they softened and fell into a shape that was much more natural. My doctor recommended waiting for a few weeks after my appointment to get new bras. First, the swelling needed to go down, and second, an underwired bra on sutures would hurt! Even all these months later, I still wear a non-underwire bra. All I do know is that he took over 2 pounds out across my two breasts.

It has been six months now, and I have never regretted my decision to have surgery for one second. Is it right for you? Merry is an American living in Canada as a mom, stepmom and lifestyle blogger. In October, she will be shaking it up by leaving her home behind to hit the road with her son, Evan, and dog, Cooper, to explore the USA in her Shasta Airflyte. Find her at Merry About Town. Skip to main content. Health Wellness.

Why yes, I was borderline ridiculous. What was it like to have new boobs? Printer-friendly version. Merry Kuchle.

Recovery isn't too rough. My Account. Sleep: I am a stomach sleeper so learning to sleep on my back elevated for the first week took some adjusting. Exercise — gentle walking around the house as soon as you can is good to prevent blood clots. After breast reduction, it is normal to experience tender breasts, pain and even swelling.

Breast reduction suregery recovery stories

Breast reduction suregery recovery stories. Handling Breast Lift Scars

Sometimes, part of a breast lift plan involves prescription medication to handle discomfort and pain during recovery. The incision pattern of breast lift surgery will cause some scarring. The locations of the incisions may vary and this matter should be discussed with you before the procedure so you are prepared.

Keep in mind that your surgeon should always try to use the minimum amount of incisions that will ensure an attractive outcome and will try to hide incision lines within the crease of your breast, but that is not always possible. The most common incision patterns for a breast lift include incisions around the areola, down from the areola to the crease of the breast, and horizontally along the crease. Immediately after surgery, your incision lines will likely seem to be far more prominent than they will become later on.

As you heal, they will become less apparent and like all scars, will fade over time. For the best results after surgery, you need to avoid tobacco at least two weeks before and after your breast lift.

Even one cigarette per day may have an effect on healing. Smoking can lead to poor scar healing or higher incidence of infection, making breast incision lines more prominent. A major part of your breast lift before and after planning should be to quit smoking.

Exposure to the sun can cause your scars to darken. Make sure that once your incisions have closed that you wear sunscreen over them. There are a variety of scar treatments on the market that can be used once your incisions have healed. While it may be tempting, you never want to use any creams or gels not prescribed by your doctor before your incisions have healed. Many patients report good success using silicone gels and sheets to reduce the appearance of their breast lift scars.

These products work on all sorts of scars, not just breast surgery scars, by reducing their size and helping them to fade.

Specialized bras are not necessary for breast lift recovery. A surgical bra will be placed on you during surgery, but it may not be the most comfortable support system for you. It is important to have mild compression and support in the early phases of recovery. However, this does not mean that you cannot adjust or exchange the surgical bra if it is uncomfortable.

Most women will wear the surgical bra until the first shower on the second postoperative day. This bra may be washed at this time and replaced or you may substitute any comfortable bra without an underwire.

The most appropriate garments are sports bras that have a front closure and wide straps. Some women feel better with a lot of support, some prefer minimal structure to the bra. There are as many bras as there are body types and sometimes you may need to try several before you find the right fit. Do not plan on spending a lot on these first stage bras; the appropriate size bra will change as the breasts heal and swelling decreases.

Because a lift often does not alter the size of the breast, you may be able to fit in the bras that you already own. Patients may return to wearing bras with underwires but not until cleared by the surgeon. While the underwire may never be necessary for support, many women will eventually wear them selectively or on occasion for the style. In order to get the best breast lift results , you need to allow your body to heal. Exercise and other high-intensity activities can cause damage to the surgical site and increase swelling.

You and your doctor will put together a plan to help guide you through recovery and back to your daily activities. There are some exercises you may be able to do however almost immediately, for instance, exercise on a stationary bicycle. Remember these are just guidelines and are not specific to you.

You should speak with your Bergen County surgeon about a specialized plan. Do not limit the motion in your shoulders and arms but be informed by how your body feels and do as much as you can without pushing. Depending on how you feel, you can go back to the gym but should avoid any impact exercise.

During this period consider using a recumbent bike or the elliptical. This will reduce the amount of stress the activity puts on your surgical site, while still allowing you to workout. After four weeks you should be able to resume full activity but make sure to ease back into your routine. Rather than immediately going for a five-mile run, take a much shorter run and see how you feel the next day.

Preparing for the before and after of a breast lift is just as important as the procedure itself. Trying to shorten your recovery is only going to leave you less satisfied. Post-op issues are common—though minor. Roughly one in three women suffers from some type of complication within 30 days of the procedure, according to a study in the Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery.

Infection of the surgery site is the most common issue, but it's fairly simple to treat, the study indicates. Infections may be especially common among women older than 50 who undergo the procedure, concludes a separate study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Recovery isn't too rough. After the surgery, patients are put in a soft cotton bra with no underwire and allowed to head home.

Prince says, "It took, painwise, maybe a week [to subside]. Both Papay and Applebaum say you can exercise on a limited basis after 2 weeks, and can expect a full recovery after 3 or 4 weeks. Your nipples may feel different.

Papay tells patients they may experience some degree of loss in nipple sensitivity. It's also possible—though less likely—that your nipples will become more sensitive, he says. Applebaum says it really depends on your doctor's methods. For more on that, see the next section. It's not just for women. A condition called gynecomastia can cause enlarged breasts in men. According to Papay, the condition can be brought on by medication, weight gain, or a hormonal imbalance.

Pain and strain aren't really issues for guys. Male sufferers don't feel comfortable wearing tight clothing or exposing their bare chests, he says. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Neat Freak? Getty Images. But your breasts need time to settle.

This is My Breast Reduction Story ::

Thinking back to my wedding day in , a few memories stand out: Dancing all night long to a piece band, swaying to My Girl with my teary-eyed father, and spending half the night yanking my strapless white lace dress up, as it struggled to contain my DDs. I developed relatively late in life. As a competitive gymnast, my after-school time was spent mastering complicated tumbling passes and back tucks on the balance beam.

In the seventh grade, I switched from tumbling to cheerleading, a cutthroat sport of its own in Kentucky, where we lived, complete with weight lifting in middle school. Along with no period meant no breasts — I was an A cup, at best. But I didn't mind at all; sure, I occasionally got teased by boys for being flat-chested, but I was serious about my sports.

After my freshman year of high school, I quit cheerleading. It was as if my body saw the sudden drop in exercise as a chance to do as much growing as humanly possible.

Despite the enormous physical changes, I was thrilled to finally have breasts at They drew attention, to be sure — during my first week back in school, some boys taped toilet paper to my locker, insinuating I was stuffing my bra. And it was semi-annoying to have to wear two sports bras while playing soccer. But all in all, I was happy with my new body. Fast forward to college. I gained the standard Freshman 15, pushing my D chest to a DD.

Little things started bugging me about my boobs, like getting dressed up to go out with friends. Everyone was wearing these cute strappy little tops, but I couldn't go near them. This was the '90s, and baggy tee shirts and flannels were in, so at least I could wear those during the day, but even then I felt like I was donning a tent.

One area when I did feel confident, though, was dating. The guys I dated really enjoyed my breasts. Honestly, they were great boobs — big but still fairly perky, full, supple. Even though they caused me grief in the wardrobe department, they made me feel sexy while naked. I was a bridesmaid in 15 weddings, and everybody wanted their bridesmaids in strapless dresses. This was before the brilliant trend of giving your bridesmaids a color scheme and letting them choose their style.

Thankfully, in , I discovered a strapless bra that worked, when a sorority sister I was visiting in New York City let me try hers on. Work was even trickier, with wardrobe issues rearing their aggravating head again. My now ex-husband and I wed in A year later, we welcomed our first daughter, Avery.

I gained about 30 pounds while pregnant and my chest increased to a size F while nursing. In fact, breastfeeding was difficult for me because Avery had trouble latching. I swear it was because my boobs were bigger than she was. I was legitimately afraid of suffocating her if I fell asleep while nursing, and ended up pumping for about six months, because feeding her with a bottle just felt safer.

In , I delivered our second daughter, Faith, extremely early, at 22 weeks. In March , we conceived again, and by the time I delivered our healthy third daughter, Alyse, I had put on about 50 pounds, including 20 leftover from carrying Faith.

Nursing Alyse and sick of wearing nursing bras all the time, I decided to get professionally fitted at a lingerie store. When the saleswoman told me I was a size H, I was appalled. I never even knew that size existed! That bra fitting was the moment when I realized something needed to change. At age 38, my breasts were literally weighing down my life. I was exercising less than I wanted because they hurt while running, even when bound with multiple hook-and-eye-closured sports bras.

That made me want to have sex less, which did our marriage no favors. And even though I somehow escaped back pain, I had huge permanent dents in my shoulders from my bra straps.

Throughout my life, I had contemplated breast reduction. I remember a girl in my senior class got one in high school; she looked so proportionate afterward, and I was really jealous.

But now I was fairly certain I was done having babies, and I was ready. One of them attended my alma mater, University of Wisconsin-Madison, so right away I felt drawn to him. But my surgeon recommended both a reduction and a lift, reassuring me that pain was not a prerequisite for insurance coverage.

He thought a small D would suit my five-feet-eight-inch, pound frame. My doctor also went over potential complications with me, including infection, blood clots, and scarring, which can vary depending on skin tone. He deemed me a great candidate for the procedure, and reassured me that the vast majority of patients come through just fine. My then-husband was supportive of my decision, though he was freaked out by the potential scars.

The night of my surgery consult, he and I scrolled through various before-and-after photos, and even though I thought they looked great, they offered him little comfort. My doctor would be using an anchor-shaped incision, encircling the areola and extending downward, bisecting the bottom half of each breast. Another scar would follow the curve of each breast, in the crease underneath.

They would look a little Frankenstein-esque in the beginning, yes, but would eventually fade. He was not thrilled, but he knew how much this meant to me, so he was on board.

The night before surgery, I was incredibly nervous. I was scared about the pain afterward, what the recovery would feel like. Even more frightening was the worry that something might go wrong. What if I never woke up from anesthesia, and my daughters lost their mother to a totally elective operation? At a year-and-a-half old, our youngest was too young to understand what was happening. I was hysterically crying as they wheeled me into the operating room.

Mommy wanted smaller boobs, and she died trying to get them? And deep down, I knew he performed this procedure seamlessly all the time.

My breast reduction was an outpatient procedure, and as I got ready to leave, I remember putting on my zip-up hoodie over my tightly bandaged chest, and it fit so differently than it had pre-procedure.

There was so much more space in there! At home, as the painkillers wore off, my chest continued to hurt far less than expected. I was back to work in two days, my discomfort by that time managed by ibuprofen.

They pointed to the sky! The scars were dark and purple, but my joy outweighed them by miles. I wore an ACE bandage for a few weeks to keep the swelling down, and was prescribed an antibiotic to help prevent infection. It took a full year for the swelling to fully subside and my new boobs to really settle in. The scars are barely visible. My nipples were reduced from the size of a half-dollar to a bit smaller than a quarter, and I love the way they look. They definitely have less sensation than before, a risk that comes with repositioning them.

But my surgeon had warned me that all sensation could be lost, so the fact that I still have some is a win in my book. And the way my breasts now make me feel during sex — sensual, youthful, confident — is totally worth the small drop in sensitivity. No more squishing my arms to keep them from falling off to the sides!

Bra shopping is a blast now. Before, my bras had so much material to them, not sexy at all. Now I can rock all kinds of lingerie. Oh, and tank tops! My old tank tops had to have thick straps to hide my bras. Now I can wear any tank I want. My old breasts truly stifled me in so many ways.

Ever since having my reduction, so many women I know have come out of the woodwork and told me about their own — five of my friends from high school, law school friends, colleagues at work, and neighbors at wine night. In comparison, about , had nose jobs.

I should have done it 10 years earlier. A few of my friends have also gotten implants, sort of a Mommy Makeover thing. I can see how a younger child might construe it as meaning women need to look a certain way to be beautiful. Following my separation in and my divorce last year, I started dating again. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Allison with her friends on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Courtesy of Allison Berres. Allison on her wedding day in Allison adjusting her dress on her wedding day.

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Breast reduction suregery recovery stories