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Black line across bottom of video

Black line across bottom of video

The F11 fix worked like a charm. Anonymous said on August 1, at pm. Did you get yours resolved? Alfie Alfie 1, 1 1 gold badge 19 19 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges. I had a Lenovo laptop before with docking station and dual Newburyport essex massachusetts. Ghacks is a technology news blog that was founded in by Martin Brinkmann. May I point out that this kind of photography really gideo p export resolution. Laura said on March 29, at pm. Feedback and suggestions for editable section of Help Center. Angela P Smucker said on August 3, at pm.

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I've looked on google for people with similar problems, but theirs appear to Recent wife porn much worse. LCD TV when play some time it got automatically flickering also detect horizontal lining up and acros. Top Bottom. I have a Samsung 55" led smart tv. Now lift the tab for the cable you vidoe and push it in fully and clip the tab back down on it, turn on the TV and see how the picture Black line across bottom of video, if it is good then close the machine back up and enjoy some TV. Feb 9, Mar 1, Jimfixer jimfixer Rep: If so, how would I diagnose which board or component? I keep my external drives here and it did momentarily cross my mind this might have something to do with it, but I don't know enough about LED TVs to really come to a conclusion on that. Started by iemniugnep Today at AM Replies: 0.

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  • I saw your post on you are getting horizontal lines on your laptop.
  • Is there a fix for this.

I don't know how widespread the issue is but user reports on Google's official Google Chrome Help forum indicate that some Chrome users see a black bar at the bottom of the screen when using Google Chrome. The issue was first reported on April 25 by a user who wrote "When in Chrome, there is a black horizontal bar across the bottom of the screen that I can't get rid of".

The bar sits at the bottom of the browser user interface and hides certain information that Chrome displays there. Any content that gets downloaded is displayed in the area and the black bar overshadows it so that it cannot be interacted with according to the user. The issue has been ongoing with recent Chrome Stable releases affected by it. Google Community Specialists suggested a number of things including running in Incognito Mode, creating a new user, running the Chrome Cleanup Tool , running a virus scan, or even reinstalling Chrome, but none fixed the issue according to users affected by it.

Some users reported that disabling hardware acceleration helped fix the issue but this was not the case for everyone who experienced it and the issue came back at least once for a user. You can get rid of the black bar for the session by entering fullscreen mode and exiting it again. Just tap on F11 to enter Chrome's fullscreen mode and F11 again to exit it. If you experienced a black bar in Chrome it should be gone by the time Chrome returns to normal display mode.

It is interesting to note that the issue appears to affect other applications such as VLC or Firefox as well as some users reported that. Not all users revealed the operating system used on the machines they experienced the issue but those who did ran Windows 10 systems. Since Chrome is not the only program affected, it is likely that the issue is either related to display drivers a combination of hardware and drivers , or a Windows-specific issue as no user on Linux or Mac has reported the issue yet.

Update : Another solution has been found that you may want to give a try if the system has an Intel HD Graphics adapter.

Never had this issue, be it with desktop composition enabled or disabled. OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 Build Driver Version: It would be interesting to hear from people having thei issue. Specifically, what hardware, OS, video chip and driver version. This could help narrow down the issue. But, until very recently, in Chrome Dev, if I had the zero copy rasterizer flag enabled all of the buttons for the flags would have a black background when clicking on the button. Which made seeing the choices like Default, Enabled, Disabled, whatever, impossible to see.

I think it was the last Chrome Dev update when that was fixed. I was just thinking that maybe it was a black background with no text. I could guess and click on different options and then see on the button if it was what I wanted.

The last Chrome Dev update was to v70 but the problem might have been fixed with the last v69 update. The F11 full-screen method works with Chrome.

I am affected, well, the wife is. We both run Win10 and F11 did not resolve the issue for me. I have yet to try the other methods. This has not been seen on any other program, microsoft office word or powerpoint, as of yet. It happens in Chrome. It goes away if I close and re-open the application. Sometimes it also happens if I open an email saved to a folder on my PC. Move the window from one screen to another also worked once.

I am having the same issue as Kauri. Clicking on it activates the window behind Chrome. I reset the theme which worked for a few minutes, then the black bar appeared. I turned off hardware acceleration, and the black bar turned white again. Fullscreen did nothing for me. I sent a bug report to Google, but who knows if they even look at these things….

I hit F11 and it fixes the issue. I tried the Chrome Cleanup Tool and turning off hardware acceleration. Neither of those two fixed the issue. I guess for now I will have to hit F11 two times to fix the issue when it appears until I find a permanent fix. I have this issue in Chrome running Windows 10 but only one 1 of my monitors!

I have 2 screen. If i have Chrome open in 1 screen it displays fine but when I move it over to the other monitor the black bar is there. Very strange. The F11 trick worked for me. Remains to be seen if I have to keep doing it… weird…. Hey i had this issue. I noticed it while surfing on youtube and thought it may caused by youtube. Then i saw the black bar is not only on youtube so i was searching in google and found your article. I have a black bar on Chrome and a white bar on IE.

It only happens on my main monitor. When I drag a screen to my second monitor, I can see the full screen. Drag it back and the bar reappears. None of the fixes have worked for me, so far. I would love to know if anyone finds a permanent solution to this one.

This was happening to Chrome on one of my two monintors. If I dragged Chrome to my left monitor, it was fine. If I dragged it to my right monitor, the black bar would appear.

So it must be some sort of driver issue. Had this problem with an AMD video card installed thinking it was a video card problem. Swapped out video cards and continue to have the problem. F11 is a good workaround, but not ideal. Happens to me with Chrome and Edge; running Windows Sometimes the bar is white, sometimes black. F11 fixes the problem for me for Chrome, but not for Edge.

Thanks for the tip! Fixes it for me on other programs and Chrome. I have had this problem, F11 does correct it. However, I have also noticed this. I have two screens, it only happens on screen 2. Never on screen 1. Thank you so much — this has been driving me nuts. Before this, I was having to reboot every time I wanted to get rid of the band!

I work as an IT field tech, and last week one of our customers showed me the problem described above on his second display. It was affecting Chrome and Acrobat Reader. If you do have the option to change the refresh rate, then give it a try.

Pretty sure this is some kind of display settings related issue so check your display settings and see if any changes may resolve the issue for you. So I went ahead to play around with the display options, moving the position of the screen relevant to other screens and changes it back fixed the issue.

I guess changing resolution and back also works too. There seems to be a trend here. I get a white or black bar frequently and I have two monitors. The monitors are in different orientations. Does anyone here get this with only one monitor? Just updated Chrome and this bug is still present. Shame on Google. I heard the new firefox version is quite good.

Two monitors here. Right now I have a black bar at the bottom of Chrome, but if I drag Chrome to the other monitor, the problem disappears. Drag it back and boom — black bar. F11 does nothing for me today. Thank you so much for the F11 trick. I had the issue on my old computer and thought maybe was to do with driver. It has been working for 2 days on my system. I had the taskbar stuck on another screen, and it took exactly the same space as a black bar on the monitor where my Chrome window was displaying.

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Black line across bottom of video

Black line across bottom of video. Question Info

Show 1 more comment. If the lines are appearing and disappearing then it is not dead pixels you are dealing with but it could still be related to pressure. If you are careful you can troubleshoot the problem yourself. You will have to work with the back panel removed leaving boards exposed that contain very high voltages. With the back panel removed at the top of the casing you will see a long circuit board Usually about the length of the screen There will be a number of ribbon cables plugged into it, coming from the front of the casing, the cables power different sections of your LCD screen.

Now with the TV propped up power it on and play something as you normally would, find the ribbon cable at the top that is closest to the lines on the screen, carefully you should be able to move the cable a little, see if the screen corrects itself. If so, plug the TV out and press the power button a couple of times to discharge any remaining power. Now lift the tab for the cable you identified and push it in fully and clip the tab back down on it, turn on the TV and see how the picture looks, if it is good then close the machine back up and enjoy some TV.

If the TV is hanging on a wall-mount then that could be what is causing it. Not a fix Just saying. This especially happens with cheaper TVs. What if i have a led samsung 47 inch but theres thin and thick black line on the screed how do i make them go away its a model nyo2. Jackson Jeffrey Jackson andthathappened. Funny from Sony I say. Posted: October Back Answers Index. Penny Rep: 13 1 1. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 1. What kind of TV? Do you have a model number? Android Fix Kits. A new screen or battery is one kit away. Chosen Solution. The pictures bellow show a new line appearing. Using a temperature monitor Speccy it seems that the number of lines is correlated to CPU temperature.

Temperature is observed to increase with CPU load, although at higher CPU load the core speeds decrease significantly which can lead to lower temperatures.

This is a shame, because it seems that poor ventilation design is causing the device to operate with less power. If high enough temperature is achieved the lines spread further and "flickering" occurs. It appears temperature sensitivity is increased with longer use causing seemingly permanent lines. I contacted support by phone to request free replacement based on the flickering issue. I was told this appears to be "an isolated issue" and that Microsoft "is not aware of this issue", and that black pixel lines across the screen are not related to the "flickering" problem.

I also visited the store but it was the same response. At the store the representative insinuated I would be better off buying the newer model. Searching information about "black line surface pro", leads to several accounts of people noting that they first encountered black lines with the rare "flickering" before evolving into repeated or constant "flickering".

The best sources are this forum and the flickergate website, just search "black lines". It is obvious to me that the issues are related. Many people are replacing their device for the same device, I think our community would benefit from answers to the following questions:. If the flickering problem continues after making sure that the Surface Pro 4 is running the recommended updates, then we recall the unit and provide a replacement for the affected user since the problem is identified as a hardware issue.

This situation is not directly resulting from any problems arising from the device's resource usage which seems to be the case for your Surface. We would first need to troubleshoot the issue with the increasing temperature. First, download and run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit to get the latest driver and firmware updates and check for other software issues on your device.

This will take approximately minutes. Once done, perform a forced shutdown by pressing the power button for a full 10 seconds. When you restart the device, it should be able to load the software properly. Next, check which power mode is in use. You can see this by clicking on the battery icon on the lower-right part of the screen. Using the Recommended power mode when running intensive programs is not advisable. It could impact the battery life and the performance of the device.

Restart the Surface and reopen Task Manager. Go to the Processes tab and check which items have abnormally high CPU usage. Let me know which apps may have questionable CPU usage. Next, scan for any unwanted programs on the device.

Use Windows Defender to update definitions and perform a scan. It will also help if you free up space.

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Transparent black line bottom of the tv. Sidebar Sidebar. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Bal Commendable. Apr 5, 1 0 1, 0. Hi I have a thin black transparent line running along the bottom of my tv screen. It's not straight and it runs with curves in it.

It doesn't affect the tv picture other than when u look down you see it otherwise everything else works fine. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. I have a pic but not sure how to add it. Cheers Brent. George Mulligan Estimable. Sep 20, 43 0 4, 9. Reboot the TV. Remove any speaker or other electronics located below the TV. Feb 3, 1 0 1, 0. Bal :. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Black line across bottom of video

Black line across bottom of video